Monday, March 9, 2009

Building a Brand

I've been trying the past few days to learn how to market myself more and build a brand and a style that I like and that is cohesive to my style and to what I make.

I never would have imagined it to be this hard!

I'm starting with my blog, changing the banner (yet again!) and the color palliate to something a bit more me, if there is such a thing, lol. All in all I think its a bit more user friendly, eye pleasing and simplistic.

I changed my shop banner also to something a bit more minimal but still matches the style of my blog as well. I'm officially carving out a small niche for myself. ♥

And also in a fit of insomnia I made a slew of new goodies for the shop, so look for them to start popping up soon.


ElegantSnobbery said...

You know, no matter what you do, I think you always keep things with an Oh Mandie!, Twist This and This Old Hen House flair. Though you might be struggling to brand yourself, I have always believed that your work was already cohesive, no matter what the shop name and banner style. Seriously, I'll be doing Etsy searches and come across something and just know its from your shop before I even look at the seller. You've already branded yourself, girl!!

PussDaddy said...

I think you have some very nice items in your shop.


Raven said...

I agree with matter what, there is a cohesiveness to your work. Your blog and shop always look great..., so I've awarded you the Kreative Blogger Award. :)
See my blog for details: