Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sparks in the Dark

Well I didn't get to post a lovey dovey blog post yesterday wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day (sorry about that btw!). I didn't get to run a fun V-day sale in my etsy shop, as I had been planning on doing. I didn't get to awnser convos, list my new journals, pay my etsy bill... any of that good stuff.

What I did get to do all morning on Valentines day was play Mahjong on my computer until my battery died.

We had a not-so-lovely wind storm here in PA the other day, which apparently knocked down a rather large pine tree on the street around the corner from my house. That pine tree decided that it wasn't going down without a fight and thought to take out some telephone wires and an electric pole with it along its way down to the ground. So yesterday our local electric company came to replace the giant pole, turning off all of the electricity in the neighborhood while they worked ... for SEVEN FREAKING HOURS. - I'm telling you, I could never be Amish! I crave technology and mindless stimulation waaaaaay too much!

But no electricity in my house means that the blower to my furnace doesn't run, resulting in no heat. And as you can imagine Pennsylvania in February with no heat in your house is not very pleasant.

So by the time everything here was situated and Mike and I were able to take the kiddos up to my parents house for the evening, who kindly offered to watch them for us, every single restaurant in this town and the next had a gigantic line hanging out the door. So we ended up having our romantic Valentines Day dinner at CiCi's pizza, which we laughed about the whole time we were there... but still, we were together. ♥

So... happy belated Valentines Day my bloggy friends :)
I'd gather that your day was a bit better than mine!


ElegantSnobbery said...

Me and Will got tattoos for Valentine's Day, yesterday... actually, it was our birthday presents to each other, but that is still how we spent our day.

Yours sounded nice! Glad you enjoyed it. I prefer a fun family dinner of pizza than the fancy stuff, nowadays anyway.

Raven said...

No, PA in the winter is not pleasant as it is, let alone without heat...and you know I speak from experience. And, I'm with you...I could NEVER be Amish either!

Glad you were at least with your Mr. Wonderful for Valentine's Day. That's all that really matters. :)