Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Day

Over the past week I've been reminded that it really and truly is Winter. Between the bitter cold, and the ice, and now the snow. Heaps and heaps of white, fluffy snow. I've turned into a bit of a Winter scrooge. I like warmth and sun - the snow can suck it!

Its easy to forget how much I used to love the snow when I was a little girl. Sled riding, snowball fights, snow angels, all of that fun stuff has gotten pushed to the very back corner of my mind. When you're young those are all of the fun things that the snow brings, but when you get to be an adult all it means is tracking snow all through the house, wearing unflattering bulky sweaters to try and stay warm, snow induced traffic jams and horrific driving conditions. You get the idea.

Today, in the wake of another 4 inches of snow on top of the 4 we already had, we all woke up bright and early to find that school had been canceled. Yeah, that's right - we had a snow day!

Now granted, I haven't been in school in quite awhile, but even as an adult and more importantly a mom, there is something so magical about a snow day, a break from the normal confines of everyday life with a little help from mother nature herself. I certainly can't be disenchanted with that! So of course what better way to spend the free day then outside in the snow, followed by spending the day inside in our jammies and sipping hot cocoa.

Ok Ok, I officially concede. The snow isn't all bad.


Whimsical Creations said...

Well said!

Raven said...

I remember when I was a kid and we'd all sit in front of the radio while we ate breakfast listening intently to see if our school was closed due to all the snow we had gotten overnight. Even if they delayed the school opening an hour or two, we were excited.

Those simple things make for magical childhood memories. I'm sure your kiddos will think back with fond memories of these days with you as well. :)


ElegantSnobbery said...

Haha, I hate snow. We lived 4 hours drive away when I was a kid and I remember loving it then... but after the age of 12, I have only been to the snow 3 times... and I wouldn't mind if I never saw it again! Toooooo cold and wet and slushy for me! But I'm glad it is fun for your kids! I know mine would LOVE snow!