Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Theres Nothing Quite Like a Pennsylvania Autumn

I have a serious and undying love for all that is fall, thus why I am devoting another blog post to it. Something about a Pennsylvania autumn puts my soul at ease. Maybe its the mountains with all their trees in arrays of colors, maybe its the crisp air and strolling through the perfect pumpkin patch, or maybe its chasing the kiddos through the corn mazes trying to find our way out. I can't decide, I love it all.

It stinks that we get robbed when it comes to Autumn and also Spring where I live. The snow here starts early and ends late, thus making winter seem like it goes on forever, and partially why I cherish the fall season so darn much. Mike and I took a Sunday drive this past weekend with no destination in mind, just the goal of admiring the changing of the leaves and to find some of the windmills that are being put up around where we live. Our Sunday drives are not exactly what you imagine when you hear the phrase "Sunday Drive" we took the Jeep out off roading and exploring various paths and trails on the very top of the mountain that seperates the end of our town and the low valley of rural PA below.

Get ready for a wonderfully picture heavy, autumn-lovin' post!

Driving along on a dirt path up the mountain and taking in the scenery.

The AMAZING view from the little tiny scenic overlook that we just happened to stumble upon at the very top of the mountain.

Same view, with the digital zoom on the camera on. It looks like a painting!

My red tree. If it wasnt humongous I seriously wound have dug this baby up and took it home with me!

Yay! We found the windmills. It took a little creative manuvering around a few closed gates, but hey... we made it!

They are so beautiful! And HUGE - you have no idea just how tall these things are until you are standing right at the base of one. Gotta love that clean energy!

Last picture, through the sunroof of the Jeep before the security guard came and threw us out. Ummm... dont drive over a hill on the top of a mountain and around a few closed gates in order to find windmills - even if it is state forestry land, you can apparently still get into trouble. :-P


Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...


I know what you mean about those windmills being huge. I saw some of the blades for them being transported down around Oklahoma city last summer, and my mouth fell open. It's astounding.

casserole said...

Given that we tend to get robbed of a winter, I have to say I'm a bit jealous of the early snows. Of ANY snows, really. But based on your pics, man are your autumns gorgeous!!!