Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sew What?

I LOVE Flickr - really I do! After etsy it's probably the website that I frequent the most. All in thanks to my brand new, uncontrollable, love for fabric swapping.

I'm a sewing novice. Last Christmas when my mother in law got a new sewing machine as a gift she passed down her old one to me, which previously belonged to Mikes late Aunt. I've certainly used sewing machines before, but as far as owning one, this is as far as I've ever got. Oh, did I mention that this thing is old as can be and mounted into a little sewing table. Its so vintage and I love it so much!

It certainly hasn't taken me much time to amass a huge collection of fabric too - its like paper is to me - ADDICTING! I can't get enough! I'm no master seamstress by any means, but I can make pillows, totes, and curtains like its nobodys business! Eventually I'll consider moving on to a few more adventurous projects... because that's what I do, take on a zillion projects and fall in love with something new over and over again only to realize that I miss and love the something old as well and then I juggle a million interests around. Others call me crazy, I call it being cultured in the way of the craft ;-)

Anyways, back to the original point of this post, if you are a fabric hoarder or like to sew, or heck, even if you just want to send and receive awesome packages in the mail you should really look into all of the amazing Fat Quarters swap groups on Flickr!

Here's one that I admin:
Crafty Girls FQ and Recipe Swap

And here are 2 that I belong to:
A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate {Swap!}
Fat Quarters Fabric Swap!

Hope to swap some fabric with you all!


Christopher And Tia said...

All of you fabric collectors and sewers drive me crazy. I wish IIIII could do something, anything, with fabric. I have a bulky old sewing machine that my mothers friend gave to me, that sits in the garage covered in dust.


Debra said...

Oh I love fabric too!
Thanks for sharing those links...I will have to check them out.

Denise Felton said...

OMG! Another avenue for fabric hoarding! *dashing over to flickr*

esque said...

I live and breathe fabric, so I will definitely check out those links!!

[please stop by my place for an award I'd like to give you :) ]

Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...

I actually joined a fat quarter swap group on Flickr, but I haven't participated in any of the swaps yet due to lack of funds. I think I'm going to start next month though - I can't wait!

casserole said...

I'm a ho for fabric...