Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Lovin'

It's officially September 1st. So I know that technically summer isn't over for a few more weeks but now that I feel like I'm a teenage again and am back on the school schedule thanks to Brayden I feel that it is. That's ok, I'm more of an autumn gal, but still this was an amazing summer so I thought that I might reflect :-)

We don't get to get away as a family too often thanks to our daily responsibilities, finances... you know, the norm. But this year was spectacular! We were able to go camping for a long weekend, spend over a week in Florida with a brief lay over in North Carolina, we've been utilizing our grill and eating outside and spending long evenings at the baseball field during little league season and late nights at the drive in movie theatre, thrown in with a few outdoor concerts. All in all it's been an amazingly fun and wonderful summer and I'm a bit sorry to see it go!

Off to bigger and better things - but oh so thankful for the memories! Now its time for the leaves to start changing!!

Mike and I this weekend at the Folkfest listing to some music :-)

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