Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh Mandie

Well I did it. I can't believe it, but I did it. I have officially closed my This Old Hen House shop. *Sigh* Its the end of and era!

I couldn't decide which of my shops to remain open and which one to close, I love them both so much! I've invested hours of my time, energy and love into both of them - but like I said before with 2 small children, I'm not physically able to devote that much of myself to etsy anymore. So one shop it is!

I've been torn as to what to do, that much is no secret. So I decided to start fresh. Brand. Spanking. New. Soon TwistThis will be closing too - I'm slowly but shorely adding my inventory of my two shops to my newest venture. Because really, what is life without a little spice?

So come on over and check my out and my new diggs people - Oh Mandie!

Why Oh Mandie? Because number one, my name is Amanda obviously, and number two, I was in a Barry Manilow kinda mood :-)

I still have a LONG ways to go, between listing everything and categorizing everything the way I want it, and getting new business cards and address labels made, but slowly things will fall into place ♥


Denise Felton said...

You did it! You rock! And I love the whole fresh, new take!

idyll hands said...

Ohhhh - you are very brave but I love the new shop name!!! I've hearted it already.


elizabethjayne said...

Congrats on taking the plunge! I like the new name too :)

casserole said...

You go, girl!!!! And I love the new name! I read the title of your blog post and immediately starting singing... Oh Mandie, you came and you gave without taking...

ElegantSnobbery said...

First of all, brilliant idea!! Starting fresh, brand spanking new.. I love that! And now I have a new shop to heart!!

But I must admit, I'll miss your other shops!!