Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jazz In Your Face

Tonight - or rather yesterday, it's after midnight now - was one of those amazing last few nights of summer. The kind of nights that you wish would last forever. Mike and I decided to go out for a little bit tonight, something we rarely if ever do. And by go out, I mean be back home by 9 because we have kiddos.
There was the perfect breeze outside and the temperature was just right. It was seriously one of those nights. Brayden starts kindergarten on Wednesday (serious mental breakdown for me ahead) and in some strange way I feel like I'm a child again and its the end of summer vacation.

Mike and I went downtown to Central Park tonight to one of the free summer concerts they have down there every Saturday. It's something we always say we want to do, but never acctually do, you know, one of those type of deals. But tonight we acctually went! Good thing too, seeing as this was the last free concert of the season. We spent an amazing night curled up together on a park bench listening to Jazz in Your Face - because seriously, what makes an end of summer night better than jazz?

It was such a simple thing. It didn't cost any money at all aside for the gas to drive the 10 minutes to get there, and we only stayed for about an hour because Gage needed put to bed, but it was just one of those perfect nights.

Ahhh. Summer is coming to an end.
Good thing I'm crazy about Autumn!


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh my goodness, Gracie starts kindergarten in 2 years and I'm already in a panic because she is growing waaaaay faster than she should. I can't imagine where you are right now in your panic as your little baby starts kindergarten!! Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

You know what. I'm going to the park tonight. Allllll because of you!

We have summer concerts all over around here (little towns that are spread all over locally have them on different nights of the week) and we've been talking about going all summer! Yet, here we are, weeks away from fall, and we still haven't gone.

That's it. We're going. And i'm packing a picnic too. Hehee...

Thanks for reminding me to get out and enjoy some, before it's gone...