Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Designed To Inspire

Todays been one of those days. I'm sure that phrase really needs no explanation seeing as we all get them - but thanks to my wonderful anxiey they seem to get the best of me. I had an amazing week last week - it was acctually one of my best sales weeks ever in both of my etsy shops and I couldnt be more thankful for that.

And but of course, what goes up... so rather than stress over it (which is SO easy to do, but I'm not going to do it!!) I sat down at my desk today and made a few new necklaces simply for the love of making them - and I'll probally sell them pretty cheap too. I made them as a way to inspire me rather than to make profit, so I'm going to pass them along to inspire others too, well hopefully anyways. I'll post some pics as soon as my lazy bum gets around to taking them.

Speaking of inspiring, heres a treasury that I made full of goodies that inspire me ♥

Oh, and for those who want to be in the know - Tuesdays Words of Wisdom has now been moved to Wednesdays. Why? Because Wednesdays Words of Wisdom just sounds cooler :-P


Raven said...


Thanks for the treasury love, Sweets! I reallly appreciate it.
I just featured your treasury and some of yer lovelies on my blog.


casserole said...

That's a really pretty treasury!! I know what you mean about needing to reconnect with creating for the love rather than the profit. Sometimes I find myself searching for the saleable item I can make, rather than making something and deciding whether it can be sold. Usually a day of creating - just like you did - is exactly the medicine I need.

Post links to your necklaces... I wanna see what you made!!

esque said...

Great treasury! These items are definitely inspirational!