Sunday, July 6, 2008

A - C - E - Oh No!

Awhile back - in my "I'm going to be some kind of master artist" phase I bought some ACEO blanks and was all geared up and ready to create! - So I finally got them in the mail, all fresh and white and new and sat down at my desk, supplies stretched out, blank card in hand and......

Seriously, truely, absolutely nothing at all came to me. I did "attempt" to make one, a collaged tree with buttons but, well, lets just say that it will remain in the annals of my paper box never to see the light of day again. (did I mention that I can't draw to save my life either?)

So I gave the blanks to Brayden who was more than happy to make some art of his own - thus resulting in the most treasured ACEO's I could ever have. ♥


ElegantSnobbery said...

Awwww.... I love this post! Sorry you couldn't find something to do on them... but glad you found someone who could!

Collages are always a great way to start, btw!!

casserole said...

Nothin' like a blank canvas to intimidate the heck out of me! I love what little Brayden did with them. He put so much detail! I'm looking at each one of them and trying to figure out what the intended image was. Did he happen to tell you what each picture is?

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Lets see::: They go something like this -

The top one says "I ♥ U"
A yellow sun
Playing baseball with his Pappy
Brayden and Gage riding a cow
Playing fetch with my parents dog
Driving a car
and our devil cat Percy

I wish I was as inspired as easily as him :-)

Ahhh to be young and see the world through those eyes again!

Raven said...

Ahh, no worries, my dear. It happens to the best of us. I can have something sketched out on a canvas for months and be "afraid" to touch it. I don't know why I do that either.

p.s. Brayden should have his own Etsy shop! :)


esque said...

I second on his own etsy shop! How cute!

idyll hands said...

Those are FAR better than making your own - I'm sure of that. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww hunney, I was excited to see what you'd come up with!!

I finally sat down this weekend for the first time since we've moved into this house and made some new ones myself... Just trying to get them all listed in the shop now... hehee.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Perfect! A budding artist. He has a wonderful imagination.

I had to laugh, I've been where you are. Crafter's block??

Personally, I can't draw a stick..I'm pretty sure that your son is a much better draw-er than I am already! lol

Oh well, on with the next big idea....
Smiles, Karen

gardencris27 said...

That is just too funny!

Nikki said...

I know that feeling all too well, I did the same thing a few months ago.