Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Its a Good Day For a Trade

I dont do trades on etsy too often, although I am on the traders list. No offense to anyone out there that does them, but if I want your items bad enough, I'll just buy them :-) And I'd hate to trade something that I have the potential to make money off of for something I dont really want or need. - Buying diapers and such is more important to me than having another pair or earrings or so forth.

Anyways, you all get the point. When I do trade, it has to be fabulous. Yes folks, I am picky.

Thanks to Claudia of CVDuncan though, my faith in trading on etsy has been restored! Her pottery is absolutely FABULOUS - and I oughta know seeing as in the past few weeks I've done not one, but two trades with her in exchange for some jewelry.

I got a wonderful package today in the mail from Claudia and just HAD to share::

In other news, this weeks blog giveaway is officially over, and with 114 entries this is biggest viewed etsy artist feature on my blog yet!

As always I used the Random Number Generator website to make sure that the prize is awarded fair and square. BIG Thank Yous to all of you who entered for a chance to win!!

CONGRATS to Candie who wins the absolutely stunning Chenoa Necklace from Ishi's etsy shop. And of course be sure to be here tommorow for this weeks new giveaway featuring the stunningly sweet items from Simply Sentimental!!

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casserole said...

Oooh, those ceramic pieces are YUMMY!!! I was drooling in her Etsy shop just the other day... Lucky you!