Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

Hello all I'm baaaaaack! After a wonderful and relaxing vacation I am indeed back to the computer and all things etsy - including my little blog.

So I've decided to go with a bit of a different "feel" for my TwistThis jewelry shop - a little more simple and natural and a little less whimsical, so with that I've switched up my banner (after some major tweaking!) and I've started to really focus pretty heavily on necklaces and bracelets and simplier earring designs and have started to use lots of antiqued brass and vintage lockets and so on and so on.

So but of course I have to clear out some of my old inventory to make way for new - I'm petrified of flooding my shops with merchandise. All this in time for the first annual YART Sale!!! I have an awesome Yart Sale section in my shop - Buy any 2 items from the SALE section and get one FREE, and the prices in that section begin at only $4.50 to begin with.... awesome deals people, awesome deals :-)

Anyhoo - my vacation was absolutely FABULOUS! Sitting in the woods for 4 days and enjoying nature and the earth and letting go of everything - I can't tell you just how relaxing it was - even with two kiddos in tow. Unfortunatly it rained alot, which put a damper on some of our plans, but we all still had a blast none the less :-) And now I suppose its back to work - refreshed and ready to create!
Shawnee Lake


idyll hands said...

Vacations, even rainy ones, are nice. The rain messed up our camping trip, but we did head up to a nice little town nestled in the mountains and stayed at a VERY old hotel and just chilled. That was nice.

Raven said...

Great to hear you're back.
I didn't know that you had another shop! What wunderfully delightful work. I love the new banner too!


p.s. You'll wanna check out the Big Give II on my blog this week! :)

esque said...

I like the new banner very much!
Idyll hands is right -- even rainy vacations are nice! Actually, we could use some rain here right now!

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