Friday, June 20, 2008


I've been one busy bee the past few days - making journals like there is no tomorrow. Running two shops is HARD, particularly when you're trying to balance them with life - spending time with my kiddos, little league baseball, the everyday normal household upkeep.

When I first signed up for etsy I thought that this would be a-ok ... I wish someone would have told me how utterly and completely addicting it all is!!!

I get into ruts where I'll embrace one of my etsy shops head on for a week or so, relisting, and making new items, and tweaking my photos and so forth. As a result the other shop often gets neglected for that week - and then the whole process repeats itself but only in reverse order.

Well this week is Journal Extravaganza week! I've been making and listing (and selling too!!!) new journals like crazy!
In other news, I've been doing a bit of cleaning in my closet, getting ready to donate some things that I don't wear anymore to goodwill - and I found this super fun silk scarf that I bought WAY back in high school ... you know, back when wearing scarves around your neck was all the rage (not the 1950's but rather the resurgence of that fad via 2000ish). Its an awesome zebra print, and its really rad I must say, I forgot all about it until I uncovered in in the bottom corner of a box of crazy metal loop belts and old man golf hats I used to think were awesome a zillion years ago
So but of course I had to have an Amanda-Percy (who was less than thrilled to be wearing a scarf) fashion show with my newly found treasure!


Anonymous said...

Haha... I know what you mean about having two shops.. it IS a lot of work, but i'm learning to love it, because i'm never bored!!!

For me, finding time to blog and read blogs has been the though part, but i'm trying!!!

Don't forget to breathe hun... *hugs*

idyll hands said...

You're younger than me!?! I feel so old. I was in college by 2000ish and I missed the scarf phase.

I can't imagine keeping up with two shops so I bow down to those of you who make it work. By the time I get home from my job (just over broke), working out, and making dinner, I'm exhausted and can only find it in me to relist or on occasion, list a new item. I have to wait for the weekend to make new ones - so for that, you are my hero!

esque said...

He he! Percy looks great in zebra stripes!

Vanessa Cavaco said...

The journals are GORGEOUS!!!! And Im not even going to get into about the part about being in High School in the 2000ish....damn I feel old!!!!

Denise Felton said...

Those journals MUST be selling like hotcakes. They're gorgeous!

And y'all hush about your long-ago college days. 2000 was yesterday, you babies! :)

casserole said...

Those journals look like CANDY all grouped together like that. I bet they're sellin' fast!!

I love the scarf fashion show, though I'm wondering how you got Percy to stay still enough to get the scarf tied on, and then to stay still long enough to photo. My little guys would be tearing through the house trying to outrun the scarf.