Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Deserve It!! - Mother's Day Wishlist

So Mothers Day is just around the corner. Yay! Mike has had to work on Mothers Day for the past 3 years so I never really got my whole "day off, sleeping in, daddy cooks and cleans and takes care of the kids" thing. And before those 3 years, I was working. Thanks to Mikes new work schedual I'm taking a much needed, and well deserved (I think, anyways) break on Sunday!!

And just in case he decides to go and read this little blog here of mine I thought I'd leave him a few good spirited hints as to what to get me :-)

I absolutely adore the screen-printed napkins from Michelle Brusegaard!! I couldnt pick out just one set, so I went with 2 that I love (and could easily go on!!) - pictured are the Black Leaf Print and the Red Poppies


How sweet is this Still Home Sweet Home print from vol25!! - It would look so cute hanging up on my wall!


I need this gorgeous Wool Multi-Color Flower Scarf from RomanticGems in my life!


And of course every girl needs a purse :-) ... like this one! - Spring and Fall Linen SASH Tote by NieszVintageFabric

And last but not least, I love this Ruby Woven Ring Necklace from The Gilded Peach!! Beautiful!

So, if you happen to see this handsome man around, out and about in interweb land... point him in those directions please ♥


casserole said...

Here's hoping that hubby sees this and gets you something from your list! And if not, well.. a day completely "off" sounds like pure heaven!

Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...

This is awesome. Good idea to just create a wishlist. I know if I don't tell my man exactly what I want for holidays, he ends up buying me a video game or something I completely don't want. :)

I agree - you DO deserve a day off! Happy Mother's Day early!

Denise Felton said...

Those napkins rock! NOW I know why I took that screen printing class. So I could steal this idea! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love that handbag!!!!

I'm going to check out her shop now... hehee

Brooke said...

That scarf is GORGEOUS!

Nnairda's said...

Nice wish list. DH gave a me a Spa Day for Mother's Day. I like the idea of pointing the men folk to Etsy. Great idea!