Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Etsy Feature: ♥Mia Beads♥

Etsy Feature: ♥Mia Beads♥

Shop Name: Mia Beads

What do you make? Mia Beads is an eclectic mix of jewelry for the young, and young at heart. I make quality pieces that are both trendy and timeless with designs inspired by nature and the vintage components I come across. I love delicate, feminine jewelry- and also bright, vibrant colors. Pearls, lockets, brass, oxidized silver and vintage glass are some of my favorite materials to work with.

How did you first pick up your craft? When I was younger, my mom and grama, who were both crafty and artistic, would buy me these huge bags of plastic beads. I would meticulously sort them and create colorful bracelets. My father built me a playhouse when I was 3 or 4, and I would sell my bracelets to family and friends through the window of my playhouse. (This was a very profitable business, as I would later get the bracelets back, cut them up, and make new ones to sell again!) At age six, my mom found me keeping track of my inventory on Yahtzee scorecards.... I've always had a great sense of business! :0) Over the years, I started using better materials and learning new techniques- I did my first craft show when I was 12 and started working at a bead shop a few years later. Working there, and interacting with so many talented people, taught me so much and helped me find my own style.

What are you inspired by? Mostly nature! I just finished a new bracelet; bright silver with frosted lucite flowers, crystal clear Swarovskis, and glass bell flowers in the palest shade of green- with an incredible luster. Think of an early morning- spring is just beginning to bloom- snowbells are pushing through the dirt, and everything is a little damp... then the sun starts to rise....

Tell me about yourself? I was born "Michelle", named after my father, Michael (in French). My younger brother gave me the nickname "Mia" as a kid, and it stuck. Currently, I'm a very ambitious 21-year-old... I run both my etsy shop and one location in a chain of bead shops, and am working on my business administration degree. I'm a sucker for good food and classic rock- which I also get from my father!

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And I could go on.... check out my favorites for more.....!

Advice for fellow artists/crafters? Just make what you love and be original- others will be able to see that passion in your work.
Etsy Advice: Never stop trying to improve! Pictures can always grab more attention, descriptions can always say more, and customers can always be happier!


This weeks giveaway is just awesome and also from one of my favorite etsy shops and I'm so thrilled to be able to offer it on my blog!

Mia Beads has graciously offered a free pair of her stunning earrings priced $20 and under (You Pick Em!) from her shop to the winner!

How to enter:: RUN, dont walk, on over to Mia Beads etsy shop and leave a comment here stating your favorite item from her incredible shop! And be forwarned, it's stocked full of goodies, so you'll have a hard time choosing your favorite!

Standard rules apply ---> You must leave a way for me to get ahold of you in case you win!
On Tuesday 4/15 I'll announce the winner provided at least 20 people have entered this giveaway!

..... what are you waiting for??? Go and check out the amazing goodies at Mia Beads!!!


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

Such a great shop!

It was hard to pick one... it was hard to pick two.

Here are a few of my favorites though!

Bitty Charms. Labradorite Necklace -

Sweet Berry. Locket Necklace -

Kate said...

Wow! Beautiful store!

This is my favorite item - Thumbelina Dainty Earrings

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

I just picked the same one...Strawberry locket! I just love lockets!

Bonghi Nautra said...

What a beautiful shop, my favs are a toss up between the cherry blossom earrings


the enchanted forest necklace

Distressing Delilah said...

That is tough! I love everything..the understated earrings are way cool though!

Sabreena said...

Thank you for introducing me to MiaBeads! :) I love her 'My Little Pearl' sweet, classic and elegant!

Thanks as well for considering me for your contest!


tjmetz said...

I love this one:

It is classic & would go with so many things!


Taleri said...
would have to be my favorites. They're adorable.:)

lucie39 said...

I am torn between the Full Moon and Tweet Heart neckalces~love the whole shop!\


Tiffany said...

It was a tough decision, but I chose these cause they're so awesome!!!

Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

These earrings caught my eye right away:
The beads are beautiful and the ear wires have such a graceful curve to them.

Nice work!

Kalina said...

These are adorable:

Allison said...

WOWZA! There are so many great things there.
Hidden Meadow Locket

Itsy Bitsy Secret Garden

Vintage Charm Bracelet

Flowering Buds Necklace


bjrhyuijkolp said...

Tangled is beautiful!

Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...

Ohhh! Picasso earrings are my fav!

(You can get in touch with me through my Etsy shop:

lorenzstudio said...

It's so hard to choose, but I think my favorite is Fairy Sprite Earrings!

Stepmama said...

Oh, but there are so many beautiful things! I just sent my husband five links to things I MUST have (we're getting close to mother's day, after all)! Here they are:

Tangled. A Locket Necklace
Enchanted Forest. Necklace
Eternity Garden. Earrings
Posey. Whimsy Earrings
Gleam. Necklace

So beautiful! I'll be buying stuff, but I hope I win the contest! I know there's no way I can get all five of these things.

Stepmama said...

Oh, and if you can't email me through this you can contact me through my livejournal--just make a comment on the most recent post. The blogger my friend and I started never went public.

Bunny B said...

Awesome items! Love them all.
Had a hard time choosing, but here's my top 2:
Tangled. A Locket Necklace and Treasure. A Locket Necklace. Gorgeous!

bunnybox9 [at] gmail [dot] com

moxy said...
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Carrie said...

A cute little shop! I just happened to stumble across it. I may have to order some soon!

My favorites: Enchanted Forest necklace, Out the Window necklace and all the earrings!

Hope I win!

Contact me:
Carrie B.

moxy said...

Mia Beads is so cute!!

Although I adore the Sunset and Snow Blossom Earrings...

Gleam Necklace would definitely be my favorite! ♥

Anonymous said...

WoW Mia, nice sales number! Something for this newbie to look forward to. So many choices, however I needed to go no further. This is me and I like it best! Very pretty, simple, unique.

Kind Regards to you both!

ihchicky said...

My favorite earrings are the Silver Shade Earrings. They are beautiful.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

alamodestuff said...

That was hard! But I'd say these:

Anonymous said...

My Little Pearl. Necklace ( is currently my favorite necklace on your site. I also loved your Water Lily. A Necklace. ( that appears to have sold recently. I love your jewelry and the way you photograph and display them on etsy! Thanks!


Mia said...

It's me, Mia! I got a convo from a friendly, fellow etsian (with the cutest onesies!) who would like to enter...

"Oh- and you can reach me at lmcalhoun83 [!at] or try"


polinka said...

u're right!! a wonderful shop!!

my favorite now is the "Flowering Buds. Necklace". I love it!! :)

frugallm said...

The Enchanted Forest Necklace

raych said...

I've been staring at this page for half an hour, so if I win, you have to choose for me. Either the sunset earrings, or the simplicity moonlight earrings. SO gorgeous!
pezdispenser at telus dot net

Anonymous said...

I really like the Pink Fairy Berry Necklace.


pootieposh said...

Once I spotted the Itsy Bitsy Secret Garden Necklace I stopped looking, I had found my perfect treasure!

Raven said...

It definitely WAS hard to pick one...but my favourite earrings would have to be "Silver Shade". Just lovely!

I was definitely enjoying the locket eyecandy too!


idyll hands said...

Like I needed another Etsy Jewelry maker to LOVE! Thanks for feeding the addictions.

I love these two items

Hidden Meadow
(of course it's reserved - just my luck)



SOOOO beautiful.

passionflowers said...

Such a nice selection, ♥Mia Beads♥! I love the Wasabi Flower Earrings!

I can be reached through my Etsy shop:§ion_id=&order=

Brit said...

It definitely was a tough choice, but I finally picked:


De Lavande said...

Mia Has such Wonderful Items this one is a personal Favorite of mine

Julie said...

I love the Snowbells vintage earrings!! They are so unique and beautiful!

Ka2005 said...

I love your beautiful earrings!

these are definitely my favorite because of the beautiful but classic vintage bead:

etsy name: ka2005

Katy said...

oh, i love it all!!! But I especially like the lotus necklace and the snow blossom earrings! Thanks so much for this chance!!! :)

The Apple In The Tree said...

I'm quite taken with the snow blossom earrings!

I'd love to be entered in such a wonderful giveaway

Anonymous said...

I like the Keepsake Petite sweet!


straberryblond said...

Hmm, so many cute choices but I'd have to pick the Vintage Roses Earrings!

dEaNa said...

I hope I am entering in time. I just love the vintage bracelet -


Valerie said...

I already adored this shop... so many pretty things!

Valerie said...

I already adored this shop... so many pretty things!

Anonymous said...