Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Etsy Feature - ♥Peechy Keen♥

Etsy Feature - ♥Peechy Keen♥

Shop Name: Peachy Keen :) People have asked about why that name, and it's mostly just because I really like that phrase and I think it's cute!

What do you make? I made pins out of felt basically and I embroider the designs. I really like to make cute things, and felt is so nice to work with. It's so versatile, and very easy to sew up. :)

How did you first pick up your craft? I've been embroidering since I was in highschool, or at least playing with different methods like cross-stitching and making friendship bracelets. Over the summer of 2007, I discovered felt, and started making a bunch of 'practice' items I guess and finding my groove with it. I ended up having like 20 of them just lying around, haha.

What are you inspired by? I am very influenced by the music I listen to. Often when I'm thinking of new ideas, I have my headphones in to give me inspiration. I really like cute things, but that is a pretty vague concept by itself. Cute and colourful. Maybe with some sweetness and spunk.

Tell me about yourself? My name is Emma, and I'm currently working on my undergraduate degree. I'm in my third year and just recently made a transition from a rural area to an urban city. It has been a bit mind boggling but a fun experience.

Other shops you love: Oooh I love a lot of people! I feel like the biggest window shopper ever with so many people and items hearted, but it's hard to resist. I love the felt food like Sweet Confections has - it makes me wish I was younger, or had a young kid so I could play with it! I really like Pug Notes because I have an obsession with pugs. I love Melbell's shop as well, especially the thought bubble barrettes!

Advice for fellow artists/crafters: I think the big thing is to be involved and don't be afraid to start up a shop here! It took me a lot of time to gain confidence in my skill, but I'm really glad I went for it. :)


guileless said...

thanks for the interview. those pins are so cute and happy looking!

btw your new earrings look great :)

Distressing Delilah said...

love that song...cute ety feature too!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the huge compliment. I am honored to be mentioned in the company of so many amazing artists.
You made my day!
:) Melissa

UniqueNurseGranny said...

her work is so appealing and you presented it nicely.Always like your blog.