Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mike ROCKS the Hawk

My husband Michael, the wonderful man that he is, asked me to give him a haircut last night, which I was more than happy to do seeing as it was getting a bit shaggy and sticking up in places. I've been cutting my husbands hair for around 3 or 4 years now, and am no stylist extrodinare by any means, but I can work a pair of clippers. Anyways, I buzzed him down... all but a very lovely stripe right down the center of his head. (earlier I had him convinced that I had shaved off part of his eyebrow also) I turned the clippers off and refused to cut anymore, thus giving my husband a rather awesome looking mohowk. Today is day two, and much to Mikes dismay and the laughter and giggles of everyone around him, I am still refusing to shave off the baby hawk :-)

The photos are a little blurry as I was laughing pretty hard :-)


Shannon said...

Very cute!I tried to cut my hubbies hair with scissors and messed it up bad. Now I just buzz it with the clippers.

ara133photography said...

I'm afraid to cut DH's hair :) Cute!!! I didn't realize you are from Johnstown, that's where my DH is from! :)

Tracy said...

Awww, what a sweet face :) My dear husband ( married almost 19 yrs wow ) has very little hair. He was a navy dude for 23 yrs. so it's always been really short and I think most of it migrated to other areas of his body lol !

Great 'hair-do', it suits him :)

And a big congrats on the wholesale inquiry woohooo !! You make great looking products. My prayers and wishes are sent your way :)

Thanks also for the nice comment on my blog :)